Thursday, 2 June 2011

Social Essay for starters

To a partial extent globalization contributes to the sustainable prosperity of all people, by balancing factors that include environmental, social, and economic perspectives. These factors are all intertwined together in globalization’s web.
An example of environmental factors is the taking of clean water to third world countries, as their access to water is very limited to them, and though they are some of the poorest people of the world they still have to pay top dollar for it (p.283). Second is Social Factors, the issues with this is that they are interdependent with economic goals, for example the outsourcing of Quebec when Activewear, and Goodyear tires outsourced, their factories to countries where the regulations would be less rigid, and where the workers could be paid less without quarrel, but doing this effected the social lives of their Canadian employees, because without jobs the people of Quebec no doubt struggled for quite some time.  Thirdly, and finally the Economic Factors some countries promote, free trade, privatization, and other methods to coax the economy onward.
On the other hand of all of these examples, water is very hard to come by in third world countries, and thus the fact that they have the ability to purchase it for their people is a great advantage. By outsourcing to another country Goodyear Tire, and Activewear both provided the underdeveloped countries they set up their factories in with jobs, and by doing so gave the people in those countries much needed work. Lastly the other side of the economic argument is that it can conflict with those who are affected by the HDI (Human Development Index) of a nation. This is not always an accurate table of measurement, for instance just look at the Aboriginal people of Canada (p.283), but all the same people can be overlooked in the great tidal of economic profit.

Although globalization has good effects of awareness and global responsibility to sustain prosperity worldwide, it is only partially helpful in that sometimes it over shadows, and forgets about the smaller governments, and seemingly less important people of the world.